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Bringing Successful Immunotherapy for All

Welcome to Telomium, a biotechnology company developing immunotherapies

Strong Preclinical Results

Telomium technology has showed strong preclinical activity in dogs bearing large spontaneous tumors.

Large Market

Our Lead Product TLVX01 targets telomerase, which is present in 90% of cancers. We are working on a pipeline that contains oncology products and immunotherapies beyond oncology as well.

Breakthrough Innovation

Telomium develops highly optimised immunotherapies.

Breakthrough Immunotherapy

Our technology reprograms the immune system to allow it to fight diseases beyond its standard capacity.


Telomium develops vaccines of a completely new class in the pharmacopoeia: ribonucleoproteins, which have a unique ability to orchestrate the break of immune tolerance against pathogenic tissues like cancers.

The prominent ability of ribonucleoproteins to bypass immune tolerance against the self provides a decisive advantage for cancer immunotherapy.

Our lead product TLVX01 is a first-in-class ribonucleoprotein based on telomerase. It has the ideal formulation to trigger an autoimmune reaction targeted against almost any type of cancer.


Address: 9 rue robespierre 94200 ivry-sur-seine, France (Paris metropolitan area)


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